I use it to remind me my daily meeting with the team.

And you, how do you use the new Alarm app in on your @PINE64 ?

@JF @PINE64 I have a meeting once a week that I have to leave early from because of schedule conflicts, and the alarm works perfect for reminding me, while being quiet enough so I can just slip out without halting everyone else with beeping

@JF @PINE64 To remind myself to take off the watch before I go to bed :blobfoxlaugh:

@JF @PINE64 to leave work for taking my child at his school !

@JF @PINE64 To prevent myself from missing my train stop in case I fall asleep 😴

@JF @PINE64 to wake up without waking my wife, who does shift work! 👍

There was a great app for Pebble smart watches. It's called Morpheuz:
It's kind of smart alarm, that was waking you up in right sleep phase. I'm missing this app very much. Still has Pebble Steel with dead battery... I wish I could fix Them just for this app...

@JF @PINE64 if i had it i'd use it to remind me of checking the mail box daily if it arrived already.

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