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We did it! We've just released 1.0!

Please read the full announcement on the blog of @PINE64 ( and have fun with your !

Release note :

What's new in this version : step counter, wake up on wrist rotation, UI redesign, more user settings, user settings stored in flash memory, and many more features and less bugs!

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October Update:

Introducing the #PinePhonePro - $399

#PineNote and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

#PineTime #InfiniTime major firmware progress & project management update

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The next episode (S01E02) of the #PEBKAC Show is finally up! Lots and lots of news backed into this one.

The #podcast is released via the self hosted RSS feeds on the front page, then slowly rolls out to other platforms.

In this episode:

- #PinePhonePro - @PINE64
- #PineBook Pro - @LinuxLounge
- #PineNote
- #PinePhone
- #PineTime - @JF
- @postmarketOS
- @ManjaroARM
- General Mobile Linux
- @purism
- @framework
- @ubports
- #NemoMobile
- @RTP

@gbryant @linmob @craftyguy @bart @martijnbraam @ollieparanoid @gamey @volla #postmarketos #linux #manjaroarm #librem5 #purism

I use it to remind me my daily meeting with the team.

And you, how do you use the new Alarm app in on your @PINE64 ?

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Ya tenéis disponible el artículo sobre como actualizar la versión de #InfiniTime de nuestro #PineTime de @PINE64.

He tenido que rehacer cosas a última hora porque @JF y la comunidad de #InfiniTime llevan un ritmo de cambios espectacular y cuando lo tenia todo listo con la version 1.5 vi que había salido la 1.6.

Actualizando la versión de InfiniTime de PineTime –

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With the release of #InfiniTime 1.6.0, all the issues with Bluetooth disconnecting seems to be gone. My only complaint about the basic functionality of the #PineTime is now history, and I can only imagine great things for the PineTime in the future. Great work @JF and #Pine64 community, and thanks for this essential commit GitHub user Daniel Jackson 👏👏👏

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With #InfiniTime release 1.6.0, the Infinitime community has crossed a major target off of their list. Congrats to @JF and everyone who has contributed to the project!

I love this little watch.

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Another update after just a few days?

I'm excited to test the fix 😍

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I'd like to thank all of the developers who have worked so hard to get to this release!

While I know there's no doubt many more interesting features coming up, this truly marks the first time that the core functionality—though basic—is just rock solid.

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@JF awesome! I realized today if I keep #siglo open I'll actually get my text notifications. By habit I'd always pair and close it, expecting certain things on mobile to continue working in the background.
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@jeffalyanak @JF @PINE64 After reading in the release notes how hard was to fix this bug I would like to send a big THANK YOU to all the people involved in the project. You are awesome!

We have a new BLE fix!
1.6 "Ice Apple" fixes that issues that would crash the BLE connectivity after ~18h of uptime!

Enjoy this patch on your @PINE64 !

Let's celebrate with a Pine64 family picture!

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flashed 1.5 eight hours ago.... and I already can tell:

BLE works AWESOME now!!

Reconnects every very quickly single time I leave the room without mobile (gadgetbridge) and then come back.

#pinetime #InfiniTime

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@JF @PINE64 I'm excited to try this release, the others have been great. Excited to see where it goes!

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Impresionante @JF y la comunidad de #pinetime de @PINE64. En menos de un mes ya tienen fuera la nueva release. Mientras aún esta calentito el articulo de ayer y ya hay varios de los puntos de mejora arreglados:

Intentaré aprovechar para hacer un artículo en #noroute2host de como actualizar.

Probando PineTime, el reloj libre. –

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