InfiniTime 0.14.0 "Green Avocado" for @PINE64 is out!

This release updates the version of LVGL and brings many visual improvements.

Release note :

First, I unmounted my devkit.

I'm getting ready for the most difficult solder job I've ever done, but I'm confident I'll succeed with my @PINE64 !

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Today, I made a surgical operation on my @PINE64 : Add a connector on the SWD port and on the battery.

The goal is to measure the power consumption using a INA219 board and my Fire!

More info in this thread :)

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"The #RISCV #BL602 Book" is out! 🎉 ... A friendly way to browse the contents of 11 BL602 articles I have written so far ... Thanks to @PINE64 for supporting my work! 😀

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PINE64 February Update! We've said it before, but for real this time: this is a big one...

- A look at #Quartz64 RK3566 SBC
- #PinePhone keyboard news
- We're making a RISC-V SBC! -
- #PinePhone default OS is @kde PlaMo on @ManjaroARM
- #PinebookPro back in March
- #LoRaWAN part of our ecosystem
- #PineTime progress
- much more!

Here is a new release of for @PINE64 .

Version 0.13.0 adds call notifications, vibration on notifications, new buttons in the Music app and new BLE improvements!

Thanks to everyone involved in this new release!

Look at how the position and the orientation of the influences the RSSI (signal quality) detected by the smartphone.

This might explain why I notice more disconnections on the unit I wear on my wrist than on my devkit laying on my desk

0.12.0, the firmware for @PINE64 is now released!

This new version improves the BLE connection stability. OTA is now more reliable and the connection to the companion app should be more reliable than before!

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Debugging BLE connection on @PINE64 issues using , a BLE sniffer and my logic analyzer 🧐

0.11 for @PINE64 is out!

You were waiting for this new feature for a long time : the heart rate sensor is now integrated in InfiniTime!

This version also includes a navigation app from @adampigg !

New devices from @PINE64 : sealed , and . PinePower has already found its place in the Pine family and replaces 5 random USB power supplies (, smartphone, , RPI4 & ) !

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January Update!

- Announcing #PinePhone @mobian CE

- #PinePhone keyboard progress update

- #PinebookPro and #PineTab production news

- #PineTalk podcast in Feb

- New #PINE64 website is now up

- #PineTime software news

- Red #Pinecil & firmware update

and much more!

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