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Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit's Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet–Kaleigh Rogers motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art
"[it's not just] cost, though it is prohibitive for many Detroiters, but also infrastructure. Because of Detroit’s economic woes, many Big Telecom companies haven’t thought it worthwhile to invest in expanding their network to these communities, Nucera told me. The city is filled with dark fiber optic cable that’s not connected [...]—relics from more optimistic days."

Aterlier en famille, aujourd'hui! Nous avons coupé 6 choux et préparé 13 bocaux. Je me réjouis d'être dans 4 à 6 semaines pour goûter tout ça!

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OK, so that's a start, I have some followers again, and am following a few...

Please know, that this is my rebuilt instance. I do not have my old followers, or my followed list restored as the old DB is gone.

Please boost if you will, so that some of the old crew can find me again. They will need to re-follow.

Vous pensez quoi de l'Apple TV 3 pour regarder Netflix ?

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Hello! I'm a Computer Science major and wannabe software developer. I have an avid passion for solving problems with typed languages called code (#javascript, #python). Also, Netflix is ❤️

When I'm not programming I'm probably off bothering my girlfriend

Currently living in the Bay Area but originally from Seattle. I only recently got involved with the FOSS community but have been loving every aspect of it thus far. Just looking to meet like-minded people and share a few laughs

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OK I wanna follow french speaking people so I can practice my french so boost please?

Tweet from Home-Assistant: "Shout out to IKEA Tradfri 🎉 They reached out to us to help us migrate to the new version of their internal API" Show more

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Would be super cool if had the ability to 'surf' other instances directly from the interface. See something from a cool sounding instance? Check out the toot stream :)

Experiments with ESP8266, PainlessMesh, ESPAsyncWebServer and Websockets! Show more

I'm looking for a motion sensor to be installed outdoor, Wifi or Z-Wave based.
Any ideas?

I've just replaced the battery of my Nexus5.
It's now charging...
Let's see if it'll work fine! 😱

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Hey so, there's been a bit of a kerfuffle with Patreon lately after a terms of service change that threatens all sex workers

There's now an open letter to Patreon to please not do that openlettertopatreon.com/

The idea of folks losing their livelihood overnight for reasons I cannot see as justified is terrifying, and there's no Patreon alternative either.

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Finally bought a DAC after years of procrastinating.

It's so worth it, it's like there's a whole dimension of music I was missing with my integrated audio.

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Serious question, and I would appreciate re-toots for spread:

What do people think about Patreon? Good feelings? Bad feelings?

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WOW, What a nice designed web app. I wonder how Facebook and twitter can be as fast as Mastodon.