New devices from @PINE64 : sealed , and . PinePower has already found its place in the Pine family and replaces 5 random USB power supplies (, smartphone, , RPI4 & ) !

@JF @PINE64 how are you liking the pine time? I been tempted to buy one.

@jordan31 @PINE64

I like it very much! 🤩

But, as the creator of InfiniTime, the default firmware running on InfiniTime, I might not be very objective 😄

@JF @PINE64 haha I guess that would skew things a wee bit. Well glad to hear the positive feedback. I may purchase one to give it a try. If it works well for my needs it will become my daily watch.

@DoorToDoorGeek @JF

Is it possible to turn off the display of the PinePower?

And about the PineTime, do you know when is going to be available the regular 1 unit sealed version?

@jgarciao @DoorToDoorGeek
Yes, there is a touch button on the to of the PinePower to switch the display off.

I think Pine64 intend to sell the PineTime as a "final user ready" device when... the community says it's ready ;)

For me, the most important point is the bootloader : it must be as reliable as possible to prevent user from bricking their unit while installing/upgrading firmware. I'm already working on it :

@JF bit of a random question but would you be willing to post a picture of the #pinetime on your wrist?
@JF perfect thank you! I'm on the thin side with small wrists myself and couldn't find any pictures of it on a wrist. Gives a better visual on the size before I decide to order them.

@jawsh It's very comfortable, light and doesn't look like it's too big, even for my small arms and wrists :)

@JF what's your opinion on the #pinetime? How do call and text notifications work? I don't need the ability the respond via the watch but does it display who the missed call is from and allow you to read the contents of a text notification?

@jawsh IMO PineTime is a great FOSS smartwatch and the software is awesome! But... don't forget that I'm the author of InfiniTime, the default firmware running on the PineTime :)

InfiniTime does support notifications and displays the first 100 characters sent by a companion app (Gadgetbridge and Amazfish). We are still working on adding vibrations on notifications and handling call notifications (accept, ignore or reject call).

Basically, it's still work in progress, but we are moving fast ;)

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