@PINE64 now supports BLE notifications!

Release 0.4.0 brings BLE notifications, nice icons, brightness and sysinfo apps and bugfixes!

Here is the changelog : github.com/JF002/Pinetime/rele

Any contribution to improve the UI is more than welcome. Next step : OTA!

@JF @PINE64 Would be super cool if Pebble apps worked, but I understand that would be an insane ordeal.


@gudenau @PINE64
I don't know much about Pebble, but I think there was some discussions about it on the chat. From what I can remember, Pebble/Rebble apps might need more RAM than what's available on the Pinetime. But it may be worth to have a look at it!

@JF @gudenau @PINE64
No, it's not, please don't, pebble apps was a nie feature, i still have dozens of them on my pebble, but I forgot when last time I used any of them. Please focus on the core functionality. Like pebble timeline :D

I agree @ruff : PineTime is not a substitute for Pebble. Good job @JF !

@ruff @gudenau @PINE64

Indeed, it's not on the top of my todo list, but we may check that at one time :)

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