@instajelly lol sure! Send me another pic, and then I sell you the whole idea for the blog! Ahhaah

@instajelly I will look for the link to show you. Your boobs gotta me horny... :)
They remind me the ones from on GF I had.

@instajelly so did you like it?
We should create a blog just for porn pic and coding. I saw one like this for tits and atheism. It's really fun. Not vulgar stuff. Just cool pics. BTW, you should send one pic for then. It's just amateur stuff.

P.S I just gotta home, I may send you 😀 a pic of cock saying what it thinks ! Do you wanna it?
You seem a cool girl. :)

@instajelly for real, Logan is so predictable, 20 minutes it's enough... More than this and you throw up...

@instajelly ow! I love it! I knew you had pink nipples. Being honest, you gotta the kind of nipples I like to suck. Definitely, it deserves more pics

@instajelly but I also like some new stuff... All the ones you mentioned are good examples of new good movies. I just came from a trip 4 days ago and watched Logan in the plane... What a shit movie...

@instajelly before dive into coding life I studied Literatures. 😍

@instajelly me I like old stuff... Godard, Felini, etc... I prefer cults... It's hard to choose I favorite movie... I love many!

Go ahead send me a boobs pic, and then I tell what I think. I promise be honest.

@instajelly are crazy??? You have very white skin! Sure you have amazing boobs! Which kind of movies you like?

@instajelly read, right in the city I live with my kickscooter, take pictures and watch movies... And you??

p.s: I saw your pics! you are cute white chubby! its just sad, you haven't put boob pics!

@instajelly like me... Actually, for what I do, I use instance of Google Cloud Store. I work with Java and Python. The main projects in Java, small things in Python.

@instajelly build a pc it's something you should be proud of... most people just buy a crap computer, instead of build its own. Shame on me; I'm backend dev, but I don't build my computers anymore... :(

@instajelly no. That's the funniest part. I was laughing alone. So coding girl, besides posts NSFW pics, what you do with a computer?

@instajelly lol I don't know why I've decide to open it! I'm at office and I knew it was something we should see at work. But anyway it was funny! Now I feel like Neo in the beginning of Matrix trying to hide myself in the office lol


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