@catgirl That moment when imitation is definitely NOT the sincerest form of flattery!

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pol musing (no debate, subtooters will be yelled at) 

This idea that Capitalism is the root of /all/ evil is compelling. I've seen this take a lot. I suspect people blame it for all evil because it /is/ evil and causes people to do evil things. I don't disagree.

But in my opinion there's another few motives for this take:

1) not wanting to believe some people are inherently evil or do bad things for lack of conscience
2) wanting to believe a perfect world is possible if only we abolish it

@modernism_xyz Putting your user link behind a URL shortener makes me nervous.

@MightyPork Word. If you're old enough to remember when such things were rarer than hens teeth this is hard. Sympathies.

@dewb Happy to see IRC still chugging in the face of the Slack onslaught.

@calvin I sometimes think Github has sacrificed some usability for programmers in return for being accessible to non techies. Not sure whether or not that works for them from a business perspective, but I can only imagine it does.

@noelle Never heard of that genre before, sounds right up my alley, thanks for the pointer!

@Lexialex It's an interesting point. The modern film industry will always reach for the villain du-jour, and that villain, for the noughties at least, is definitely the islamic terrorist.

@varx Me too! Lived in Winter Hill for a decade and now we're at AVA Assembly Row which we totally love.

@theoutrider Is that the source code equivalent of salting the earth? :)

@varx Also nice to encounter another Bostonian on here!

@varx Also Even still it's aesthetically pleasing given the picture you posted.

@Algot Very cool! I look forward to perusing your site! I wish I had more artistic talent myself!

what i think about when i read something dark... 

@c1t7 Sounds like reality (or their version of it) for some people I know!

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More and more these days I get to *think* in . Digging it.

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Dear Mastodon - What are some of your favorite lesser known internet communities? Can be a website like lobste.rs/ or something else entirely like the ASCII awesomeness that is @tildetown

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