Something I've been pondering; How does one improve one's out of box thinking and problem solving skills? We refer to them as skills, but how does one practice?

@feoh I think solving problems with other creative people helps a lot. It shows you how to think differently about the same problem.

@byron That's an event l excellent idea as well. How would one do that in a focused, deliberate way? Hackathon maybe?

@feoh I think that's why hackathons can be so great. Even just co-working time/spaces can be good. And getting involved in projects with smart people.

Also getting experience in a different domain can help show new ways of solving similar problems. Spolsky commended MS for forcing devs to change teams when they got too good at their current job, for similar reasons.

@feoh Also sometimes I think asking someone from a different field or specialty how they'd solve a problem you're working on, can occasionally yield interesting results.

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