Something I've been pondering; How does one improve one's out of box thinking and problem solving skills? We refer to them as skills, but how does one practice?

@feoh i actually wonder if improv would not be good. It requires quickly reacting to novel situations in ways you think of on the spot. That seems like the same area of the brain.

@johnstorey That's an excellent idea! I'll look into improv courses!

@feoh There is a card game I heard on a podcast recently that should do the same thing. Everyone draws 3 cards that describe their combatant, then they discuss who would win based on the cards. So one was 'floating baby head able to summon a marching band' vs. 'genghis khan in a paper tank' vs. 'a french muskateer, invisible, who is able to match the size of it's opponent'. It required significant out of the box thinking.

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