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Can someone advise if this is a proper paradigm? Payload -> random aes 256 cbc -> rsa public key 2048 encrypted aeskey+iv

Just realized the genius behind mouth sounds/silence/moods neil cicirega is also responsible for the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny

@Gargron Is there any chance of getting a raw_content field added to the API? There seems to be a lot of markup in there.

@Mastodon Why is there added markup in the content of a toot status from the tootsuite API? Is there any chance of getting a raw_content field added? It would be one thing if there were just a couple <p> tags I had to filter out but there's css classes in there for gosh sakes!

Guys.... this is some Big brother shit right now. Let me direct your attention to "Schedule Z".... Your wifi is basically a fucking sonar system in your home thanks to AI... in games....

Cool! I also made my first pull request ever on a OSS git repo by updating a few implementation quirks of !

Ok, well Here I am Tooting from my based client. First time editing a rust crate. I fixed some stuff in the Mammut library but I don't think I'm good enough to contribute to it yet

Guys... I'm not tooting again unless it's from a mastodon client I've made myself in rust. I'll see you all soon I hope.

ArchLinux guide: Detached LUKS header full disk encryption with encrypted keyfile inside a passphrase-protected bootable keydisk using direct UEFI secure boot, encrypted swap, unbound with DNSCrypt and DNSSEC, and system hardening

LOL "The purpose of cryptography is to force the government to torture you"

@JF is there something up with the image upload on this instance? Trying to share my project and can't post uodates

does anyone know anything about making metadata scrapers? Any libraries or techniques I should look at for figuring out what this thing I'm looking at corresponds to in a database? I'm trying to build a pc audio book library manager

City of golden shadow starts tonight. Rise and fall of D.O.D.O ended last night. Hopefully this strikes my interest better.

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