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Yesterday was beer bottling day! regulated the temperature of the fermenting beer for more than 500 hours!
Now, the beer is fermenting for the last time in the 28 bottles.
I can't wait to taste them... in 6 to 8 week

The temperature regulation is near perfect, and the graphs are beautiful!

I did it! Finally, I brewed my first ever beer! It now fermenting (I hope...) under the supervision of , my fermentation chamber project based on and !

Which me luck!

Everbody should know about ( : a simple and nice and easy to selfhost application dashboard.

I was struggling with disk space issue on the server hosting my Mastodon instance. I thought Mastodon was eating all disk space... I was ! The space was used by a forgotten backup (~50G) and older docker stuff (~50G).

rm backup and docker system prune and docker images prune -a did the trick.

Disk space went from 160G to 44G. Yay!

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Juste pour essayer, on sait jamais.
#JeChercheUnJob de développeuse, sur #Bruxelles.
De préférence avec #Python, #Ruby ou/et #Javascript.
J'apprends très vite quand je ne connais pas et je m'investis beaucoup dans la programmation. (tous les soirs)
Je n'ai pas de permis, je n'utilise que les transports en commun.
Niveau langue, je parle couramment l'anglais (bien qu'améliorable avec l'expérience) et le français est ma langue natale.
3 ans d'expérience en tant que "professionnelle".

Lightning the BBQ while tasting a good beer... One of the best things on Earth!

I see similarities between communism and Scrum methodology while watching Chernobyl!

Anyone using bitwarden_rs (lightweight implementation of Bitwarden server)?

Picoreplayer : I do not understand why this project is not better known!

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Oui, vous pourrez voter Pirate au scrutin régional à Liège !
Malgré les difficultés importantes rencontrées lors de la collecte de signatures, les Pirates de Liège joueront finalement bien un rôle actif lors de ces élections régionales à Liège, grâce à notre présence sur la liste du Mouvement Demain.

En effet, alors que nous avions pratiquement abandonné tout espoir de

Studying the art of adaptative audio resampling...

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Did you know that #FreedomBox offers a one-click install of @matrix?

#Matrix is software for messaging and VoIP. #FreedomBox installs #Matrix for you and helps you configure it.

#Matrix hosts your chat rooms, which support conference calls and video calls! Just connect with the #Riot chat app. Riot has a beautiful UI!

Do you want to use #Matrix on your #FreedomBox? What better way to connect with friends than #Riot?

Let us know what you think!

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