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Why is my reading garbage when I want it to detect my doorbell signal ? 😢

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I published a new version of my library :

cfGUI is a simple GUI library design for boards ()

I bought a cheap -SDR, and have fun with listenning to ADS-B and RF 433Mhz signals...

Its crazy the number of plane flying on on top of me... and the number of TPMS reporting the pressure of tires!

"Let's use the to drive a !"

ULP is cool but... ULP is too slow to toggle a pin quick enough to drive a Neopixel.

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@Gargron @jplebreton it's a miserable world where folks can't make crappy movie references because the references have been misappropriated elsewhere to be weird political baggage :( in this context timmo001 was talking about the film, which after all did come first...

, Up and running for more than 73 hours!

The temperature regulation is good : max 0.5°C from the set point!

Oh and I've written a script that export all data from to to monitor the process with !

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I am writing a "Why does decentralization matter?" blog post #redecentralize

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#ff last #followfriday of the year

@bobstechsite converted me to Debian

@emsenn is REALLY good at playing devil's advocate

@sophia makes me laugh daily

@mike is a really cool admin

@kev is a damn cool admin too!

@poetgrant can be REALLY deep when he wants to be

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My fermentation chamber for project is progressing well : "good enough" temperature regulation, data logging, real-time monitoring, bot for notification,...

Using / , , ,...

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is back after some maintenance (freed ~56GB on disk :) )

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