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Going to post it over here too as maybe some Mastodon folks will find it useful!

My #energy and #electricity monitoring in #HomeAssistant blog!

Hopefully folks can find some useful stuff! #EnergyCrisis

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Hey! Spent all day (technically night) fixing delayed feeds on and, both are back to normal now, I had to add more capacity. There's just so much more activity during peak hours, even with closed registrations! #devops

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If you missed it yesterday, I took a look at how #Google killing their services is a big problem for their image, their users, and the confidence people have in any new service they’ll introduce in the future:

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Consider this the #mastodon missing-toot-#timeline-#cheatsheet
(not mine, and I whish I'd seen it earlier when I did).

BTW if you're looking for a simple and imho intuitive #androidclient @Tusky really nails it!

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Rebuilding community here. Who are some #developer and #linux peeps I should be following? Feel free to “retoot?” Lol

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Are you a #GitHub or #GitLab (EE) user? Did you ever try to put your code on the side of liberty?

We might have an offer for you:

Run by a community-maintained non-profit, and funded by your donations!

Not the place you want to work on? Consider joining our missions by using a like-minded project. Learn about alternatives:

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Parlez-vous le français ? Czy mówisz po polsku?
Do you speak Persian, Georgian, Swedish, Vietnamese, or another language?

Consider translating #FreeSoftware projects on #Codeberg, pick your #language from and start browsing projects.


0.0.9 is available! This new version of the companion app and daemon for the @PINE64 and fixes a few bugs related to the resource loading (since InfiniTime 1.11).
It also provide a fix to the integration of the weather API!

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#InfiniTime 1.11 is out!
The new release brings countless improvements and new watchfaces.

blog post by @JF

has just released v0.0.8 which bring support for the new resource package from .

You can now use ITD to install the resource files and enable the 2 new watch faces that were added in InfiniTime 1.11!

We are very happy to release 1.11 “Red Nectarine” for the @PINE64 with new external resources, 2 new watch faces and many many additions and improvements.

Release notes :

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October update:
*We'll be at FOSDEM 2023 - come see us
*#Ox64 RISC-V SBC for $8 available in November
*#Star64 runs Linux! available in November
*#PinePhonePro camera & power management updates + keyboard support in 6.1
#QuartzPro64 boots BSP and mainline Linux!
And more!

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