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The Pinecil is now out of stock and we - just like everyone else - need to wait for @thepine64 to produce more. However, few of the existing orders may be cancelled, so units may pop up now and then in the next 48hrs.

You can now buy your preinstalled with (along with the PinePhone and the Pinecil) on the new Pine64 EU web store! 🥳

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Still looking for an alternative to #GiveUpGitHub? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
Join a growing community of developers at #Codeberg today, the #OpenSource and community-maintained #Git-Hosting and #GitHub alternative! 💻

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I'm currently working on using the @PINE64 's 4MB external flash memory to free up space in the internal memory (512KB).

I've made a lot of progress recently and am now able to test new watchfaces that load their images and fonts from the SPI flash!

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June Update:

PINE64 EU launches next week

#PinebookPro stock in July

gamelaster becomes community manager

We are building a @risc_v SBC
#PinePhone modem firmware & cam improvements

#PineNote you can now hand-write in LibreOffice on Linux!

And much more:

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New podcast! 🎙️ We learn from @biktorgj about motivation and background for developing his amazing @PINE64 PinePhone modem firmware. Besides that, news about:

* Upcoming v22.06 release
* SDM845
* MSM8916
* Bluetooth HFP
* postmarketOS-tweaks
* Android Dynamic Partitions

I installed 4 new SSDs (6 in total) in my based on the @PINE64 board as an experiment!

2 x 1TB in btrfs mirror mode for various services and docker. Currently running my @matrixdotorg home server.

4 x 1TB in RAID5 for data storage.

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Due to frequent requests for suggestions about the ideal free or non-free watch/band for #Gadgetbridge , inquiries for support for new devices or questions about faster app updates, we have created a new FAQ page [1] in our wiki [2] which also contains descriptions of many other topics related to smart gadgets.



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