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ITD, the daemon, has just released v0.0.5:

MAC addresses whitelist, FS and wheater BLE API, better management of disconnections and many other improvements!

on your desk, in your pocket, on your wrist, and now, in your ears!
Too bad plush unicorns with mics sticking out their heads were an April fool 🤣🤣 but I'm really excited about and ! 🤩

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April update:
#QuartzPro64 dev board orders open - $150
#PineSound dev board & #PineBuds are coming
#PinePhone / #PinephonePro keyboard restock & improved drivers
#PineTime 1.9 new watchface & bug fixes
#PinePower return with improvements
And much more!

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#NuttX Driver for #PineDio Stack #BL602's Touch Panel responds correctly to touch! 🎉 The touched coordinates are rotated sideways ... But we can fix that later in the ST7789 Display

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My driver for the @PINE64 USB adapter is now compatible with kernel > 5.10!

I also fixed the spi-ch341-usb driver to support kernel > 5.16!

Thanks @codeberg for hosting the code!

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Codeberg is powered by people like you and us!
It is made possible by volunteers and contributors across the globe.
By donating, you support our mission; by joining the non-profit charity Codeberg e.V., you can contribute and participate in decision-making to build our future.

Find out more:

1.9.0 "Limeberry" is out!

New Terminal watchface, enable/disable bluetooth, (the simulator), many improvements and bugfixes!

Enjoy it on your @PINE64 !

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Self-Test Firmware preloaded on "chonky watch" #PineDio Stack #BL604 @PINE64 ... Awesome work by @JF ! 👏

Nice post about hardware abstraction, memory isolation and Rust on embedded system with Hubris on the

Work in progress : Port on the @PINE64 STACK dev board. It's based on the BL604 MCU.

It's not functional yet, but here's the watchface !

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Is #Codeberg your new home? Invite your friends so they become new neighbours! 😉

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