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Did you know that you can remotely build, run and debug software running on the @PINE64 using ?

You all love the @PINE64 , right?

You also like , right?

If so, you'll love this : LoRa on the Pinephone!

YES, thanks to the LoRa backplate, you can send and receive LoRa messages on the Pinephone!

CC: @lupyuen


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Developers: second round of #pinephonepro coupons going out in a few hours.

Check your emails later today/ tonight.

(video: PinePhone Pro production line)

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Nice review and quick startup guide for and @PINE64 .

The article provides some thoughts about open source hardware/software and software freedom!

"The PineTime matters because it is born of open source"

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and a few switches allow me to setup dusk/dawn lightning in my garden

Look at that network map! I can't wait to add even more devices and automations!

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Here's a small bugfix release for 1.7. It fixes a touch panel issue in (apparently) very rare cases.

Install this one if your touchpanel does not work in 1.7.0 :)

Thanks @meanmicio for helping debug this issue and testing the patch!

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1.7.0 "Jackfruit" is out : manual date and time setting, new motion and step service, faster wake up and many more new features and improvements!

Enjoy this new version on your @PINE64 !

Release note :

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The #SOQuartz compute module is now available for purchase in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB LPDDR4 RAM configurations.

Store Link:

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