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I already stated that but I really really love the #pinetime and its "stock" firmware #InfiniTime . I really hope that the devlopers especially @JF can keep up their motivation for this project.
And to help at least @JF to keep up his motivation I am now donating 3€ a month to him :).

Please consider to do that too if you also love the infinitime/pinetime project as I do :D

We've just released 1.2.0!

This new version brings a new Metronome app, many improvements and bugfixes.

This version will hopefully be flashed on the new @PINE64 that should be available !

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now @JF has me thinking about a CP/M implementation and maybe a #retroforth implementation for the @PINE64 #pinetime lol

These last few weeks, I analyzed the memory (RAM & FLASH) usage of , the firmware running on the @PINE64 .

I spent so much time doing that I want to share the result with everyone :)

Some fun with @PINE64 MCU, SPI display (ST7789) and I²C gesture sensor (APDS9960) : Gesture detection 👋

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Amazing work! 👏
#InfiniTime 1.1.0 called Dragon Fuit for #PineTime has been released.
This release includes two new apps (Steps and Timer), many improvements, fixes and functionalities.

Here's 1.1.0, a new release of the firmware for @PINE64 !
New Steps and Timer apps, many improvements and bugfixes, have fun!

Release note and download :

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#Pine64 Gateway Setup (Armbian + Rakwireless + #LoRa) + Gitea Tor Hidden Service Script Ready

New article on my blog : "Discovering the @PINE64 Gateway". Learn more about the LoRa Gateway, the software from and the integration with and !

Testing the gateway from @PINE64 (based on technology) on and using my good old Pycom board!

All of this using hardware and software!

Meet my absolutely NOT optimized (no IRQ, no DMA) SPI driver for the mcu. It already runs much faster than my optimized version for the NRF52 :-P

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Hey guys, you've had awesome questions in the past. While we have a few listener questions already for the next episode, we can always use more, so get them in!

BTW, totally unrelated: @linmob now has a PineTime, so we'll finally discuss this nice little device next week.

I couldn't find a toolchain for the @PINE64 so I built my own one!

For anyone interested, here's how I did it :

I can now build, flash and debug my code running on the from my PBP!

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Pine64 is now selling the PineTime smartwatch (probably the first FOSS one!) with version 1.0 of InfiniTime (the name of the OS) as it's stable enough already: #pine64 #pinetime #infinitime #smartwatch #foss

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