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We're very excited (and a little bit nervous :D) that is planning to go virtual this year via Matrix for chat/community, using for the video conferencing. Read all about it (and how you might be able to help!):

I've just published version 0.10.0 of for @PINE64

It contains modifications and fixes from many different contributors and brings 2 games : a single player pong game (Paddle) and a 2048 clone game (2).

Thanks to everyone who created PR on the project!

New test release of the new MCUBoot-based bootloader for @PINE64 :

If you have an opened devkit and a SWD setup to recover your device in case of issue, please test it and report your results!

More info on the forum :

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Does anyone know of a Peertube instance specialized in music, or at least where posting music wouldn't be out of place?
I'd like to mirror my YouTube channel on the Fediverse but I'm not sure where to go.
Boosts appreciated!

A few people have already succesfully tested the bootloader, thanks!

I've added 3 firmwares that can be used to test how the bootloader handles specific degraded cases. More info in the release note:

Forum post :

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And it (USB, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA) also works with my random and cheap USB-C hub !

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using the @PINE64 and : USB, Ethernet, HDMI and VGA work out of the box!

Ok, it looks like my outdated alpha version of @ManjaroARM does not support dual screen correctly, but still, it works !

I was not brave enough to apply the VCONN hardware fix to my @PINE64 so I replaced the mainboard with the new one (3GB RAM, 32GB EMMC) aaaand... it worked!

It'll charge must faster now!

Time to enter into the game!

Dear @PINE64 community, we need your help!

I'm working on improving our bootloader and need help to test it. More info here :


Great Christmas present from @adampigg : OTA firmware upgrade for @PINE64 !

Video of Amazfish running on the :

And it also works from the !

Merry Xmas everyone!

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I just made my first meaningful pull request to an actively developed FOSS project :D I implemented tap-to-reset for the wasp-os pedometer app.

It was a LOT of researching and finding out how the libraries work but I'm proud of what I was able to do...not knowing C or python XD

Anyone have some resources for someone who's used to loosely typed languages who's looking to get into C?

Python resources also accepted :3

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December News Update!

- RK3366 SBCs are coming!
- 2020 in review
- #Pinephone and #Pinetime together
- #Pinephone keyboard for developers
- #PinebookPro back in March!
- #PineCube case
- #Pinecil and Docking Deck launch reception

and more...

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