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October News Update:

- New Pine Store

- #PineTab & #PinebookPro LCD shortages

- #PinePhone @ManjaroLinux CE box + image

- PinePhone Qi charging, NFC & keyboard

- #SOEdge AI module-call to action

- #PineCube IP camera now available+ more lenses coming

- #PineTime progress & more

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Megapixels now has some beautiful developer documentation thanks to Fernando Ramos:

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The first photo taken on a #pinephone that's focussed.

Now I have a WIP kernel branch with OV5640 autofocus working

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Lately, I've been working on a website dedicated to , an open source firmware for the @PINE64 :

I've written a first article to welcome people that will receive their new development kit soon !

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A new release of for @PINE64 is available!

Version 0.8.2 brings a nice music player (by @adampigg), a paint application, manual validation of the upgraded firmware, a new application menu and many other improvements and fixes!

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This is awesome. PineTime as a remote for Plasma Bigscreen - yes please.

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Yay! Has there been any word on any integration between the #PineTime and the #pinephone?

Is it possible to see the #PineCUBE with its case on?

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devkit preloaded with are finally available! And don't forget the PogoPin Jig, it makes programming easier!

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Good news for all those waiting for #pinetime and #pinecube dev kits - They are available the the Pine Store (

NB. The PineTime now ships with @codingfield's FOSS InfiniTime firmware!

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#PineTime now available in @ThePine64 Store! I highly recommend getting the Pogo Pins and an ST-Link v2 USB programmer

"PineTime dev kits with InfiniTime ought to be available in Pine Store September 20" 🤩

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September Blog Update Time!

- We're an Arm ecosystem partner now!
- New and improved Pine Store upcoming

- #PinebookPro production delay due to LCD shortage

- #PineTab new image releases

- #PinePhone Manjaro CE preorders start Sept. 17

- #PinePhone camera developments

- p-boot multi-image loader

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