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Anyone using bitwarden_rs (lightweight implementation of Bitwarden server)?

Picoreplayer : I do not understand why this project is not better known!

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Oui, vous pourrez voter Pirate au scrutin régional à Liège !
Malgré les difficultés importantes rencontrées lors de la collecte de signatures, les Pirates de Liège joueront finalement bien un rôle actif lors de ces élections régionales à Liège, grâce à notre présence sur la liste du Mouvement Demain.

En effet, alors que nous avions pratiquement abandonné tout espoir de

Studying the art of adaptative audio resampling...

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Did you know that #FreedomBox offers a one-click install of @matrix?

#Matrix is software for messaging and VoIP. #FreedomBox installs #Matrix for you and helps you configure it.

#Matrix hosts your chat rooms, which support conference calls and video calls! Just connect with the #Riot chat app. Riot has a beautiful UI!

Do you want to use #Matrix on your #FreedomBox? What better way to connect with friends than #Riot?

Let us know what you think!

RF doorbell -> Home-assistant -> Matrix 👌

ESP32 -> RFM69 -> RTLSDR -> rtl_433 -> MQTT -> Home-assistant!

A lot of fun for today :p

Ok, I *think* I've just published my very first library to . Meet :, my driver library for

Why is my reading garbage when I want it to detect my doorbell signal ? 😢

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I published a new version of my library :

cfGUI is a simple GUI library design for boards ()

I bought a cheap -SDR, and have fun with listenning to ADS-B and RF 433Mhz signals...

Its crazy the number of plane flying on on top of me... and the number of TPMS reporting the pressure of tires!

"Let's use the to drive a !"

ULP is cool but... ULP is too slow to toggle a pin quick enough to drive a Neopixel.

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