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#pinephone orders placed by June 21 ship later this month. #pinetime stand-alone sealed units available again July 15.
To stay up to date, please check out our availability, stock and shipping update website.

@normandc @qbinary Single sealed PineTime should be back in stock on July 15, if everything is going well :)

@ropfel @PINE64 I use mine daily, mostly to read the time, receive notification, control the playback of my music and set timers.
So, yeah, IMO PineTime and InfiniTime are ready for daily use, but it depends on what are your expectations for a smartwatch.
There are already a bunch of features (watchfaces, notifications, music control, timer/stopwatch, games,...) and it's also supported by open source companion apps like Gadgetbridge, Amazfish and Siglo.

@muppeth there is no easy way to get debug info from a sealed unit, unfortunately. To debug ble, I use 1 BLE sniffer, and the logging functionality of nimble (the ble stack). It allows to dump all the hci messages to a pc using Jlink RTT (you need a Jlink debugger, obviously).

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@JF Yeah the #pinetime community is exceptionally friendly, peaceful and open minded <3. I really like that. I am also planning to contribute some code in the future. I've already got a devkit but sadly no time yet. I am really looking forward to a closer interaction with the #InfiniTime / #pinetime community in the future :D. But until then I just keep opening issues for ideas I got or bugs I found :). Have a great time ^^

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I already stated that but I really really love the #pinetime and its "stock" firmware #InfiniTime . I really hope that the devlopers especially @JF can keep up their motivation for this project.
And to help at least @JF to keep up his motivation I am now donating 3€ a month to him :).

Please consider to do that too if you also love the infinitime/pinetime project as I do :D

@qbinary Thank you so much for your support 🤩 !

I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many happy users and motivated developers! The PineTime community is awesome!

@muppeth We haven't made significant changes on BLE since 0.13, iirc.
On my setup, BLE works fine for ~24h. Then, I have to reset the watch for my phone to find it again.
That's definitely something I would like to fix one day or another :)

We've just released 1.2.0!

This new version brings a new Metronome app, many improvements and bugfixes.

This version will hopefully be flashed on the new @PINE64 that should be available !

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now @JF has me thinking about a CP/M implementation and maybe a #retroforth implementation for the @PINE64 #pinetime lol

These last few weeks, I analyzed the memory (RAM & FLASH) usage of , the firmware running on the @PINE64 .

I spent so much time doing that I want to share the result with everyone :)

Some fun with @PINE64 MCU, SPI display (ST7789) and I²C gesture sensor (APDS9960) : Gesture detection 👋

@Azt3c @PINE64 @linmob to my knowledge, there's no firmware that does sleep analysis for now.

@normandc @PINE64 the new batch should be flashed with 1.0.0 and the new Bootloader, yes!

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Amazing work! 👏
#InfiniTime 1.1.0 called Dragon Fuit for #PineTime has been released.
This release includes two new apps (Steps and Timer), many improvements, fixes and functionalities.

Here's 1.1.0, a new release of the firmware for @PINE64 !
New Steps and Timer apps, many improvements and bugfixes, have fun!

Release note and download :

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#Pine64 Gateway Setup (Armbian + Rakwireless + #LoRa) + Gitea Tor Hidden Service Script Ready

New article on my blog : "Discovering the @PINE64 Gateway". Learn more about the LoRa Gateway, the software from and the integration with and !

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