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LPT : do NOT use unsigned variables when dealing motion values coming from a motion sensor!

I created a project based on and to develop software for the @PINE64 BL602 MCU. Feel free to use it for your projects!


@polychrome @Xystel @PINE64

I use my devkit to work on the projet, and a sealed one to wear as my daily watch ;)

@Xystel @PINE64
Thanks ;)

If you want to wear and use it as a watch, and only install stable versions of the firwmares, you can buy the sealed version (by pack of 3, I think).
But if you want to test many (beta) firmwares, debug your own code,... a devkit with a SWD adapter (to debug, flash, unbrick) would be more suitable.

Here's another new release of , the firmware for @PINE64 .

You can now enjoy a new analog watchface along with a slightly improved digital one, and a new stopwatch app!

Release note and binaries : github.com/JF002/InfiniTime/re

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@ashimokawa@mastodon.technology Awesome, and thanks for this release! Call notifications and music control work fine with InfiniTime 0.14!

@koimosis @PINE64 I charge my pinetime ~ every 3 days, but it's not completely empty. I use it as daily, with the BLE connection active during the day.
And we are working on improving the battery life : github.com/JF002/InfiniTime/is

I'm happy to announce 2 new releases for @PINE64 : A new bootloader and a recovery firmware based on 0.14.1!

Please read carefully the instructions before upgrading the bootloader of your sealed units!



New @PINE64 development setup for : PSU, DIY current measurement based on INA219 and M5Fire) and STLinkV2 for debugging!

InfiniTime 0.14.0 "Green Avocado" for @PINE64 is out!

This release updates the version of LVGL and brings many visual improvements.

Release note : github.com/JF002/Pinetime/rele

First, I unmounted my devkit.

I'm getting ready for the most difficult solder job I've ever done, but I'm confident I'll succeed with my @PINE64 !

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