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This happened 2 days ago and was exciting!

Thanks @JF, @ NeroBurner and all other contributors!

@mike @gregandcin

Notifications can be disabled in InfiniTime by enabling the "do not disturb mode" : from the watchface, swipe right to open the quick settings menu and then tap the green bell button. Notifications will still be stored and available in the notification menu, but it won't vibrate and display the notification when you receive it.

@pixelcode @PINE64 The device is the PineDio STACK. This is a development kit based on the Bouffalo BL604 RISCV MCU.

Note that this is still a prototype unit from Pine64, the STACK is not released (yet).

I'm doing experiments with the SPI display and LVGL UI lib to test performances.

Now we are talking : 25ms per frame, 40FPS! SPI bus is mostly saturated, I'm not sure it'll be able to go faster than that!

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Running the display of the @PINE64 STACK (
BL604 , SPI @40Mhz
) at 25 FPS.

There's still a bit of overhead, it should be possible to go even faster!

@arsen Yes, the filesystem is one step towards this goal. The external resource feature is built on top of this filesystem.

For external apps, we'll also need to define a stable API between the core and the apps, build them, send them to the watch, implement a loader and run them. And I honestly have no idea on how we'll do all of this... but I'll learn :p

@arsen That's not possible for now, everything must be built into the firmware.

However, I'm working on a new feature that will allow more customization : the fonts and the images will be stored in the external memory of the PineTime. You'll them be able to replace them with yours if you want to.

I really wish to add support for external apps too, but that'll require a bit of work...

@jason123santa @PINE64 Yes, the weather service is implemented in Infinitime, but there's no weather app yet.

The early support of the weather api in ITD is really helpful for us infinitime contributors to implement and test the service and the app in the watch!

0.0.7, the daemon for the @PINE64 is now available. It brings a few bugfixes and provides packages for many many distributions (Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora (or any other RPM-based distro), Alpine, and Arch).


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#Gadgetbridge 0.69.0 is on #fdroid 🎉 . Many thanks to our tireless contributors for their continuous involvement and work ❤️!

This release is bringing initial support for Mi Band 7, for devices that use Binary Sensor Service and for Fossil/Skagen Hybrid HR 38mm watches ⌚ .

If you are interested to know your step 👣 goal 🏅 achievements, the new Steps Streak screen gives you a chance to see it and boast about it 🏆 on :mastodon: .

There is more... read the blog post blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

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Lightweight SDK for BL60x / BL70x that supports C++ ... Great work by @JF 👍


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