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The prime function to do a regular call is working now on the #pinephone with @ManjaroLinuxARM and #phosh

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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turns out if you have an FM transmitter that sends a signal from your phone to your radio, and you set it to 106.7 FM (i guess it's close enough as a 4x harmonic to the 433Mhz tire sensors broadcast on??? somehow??????)

your music fuckin interferes with tires' signal and your car thinks it doesn't have any tires on it and gives you a TPMS dashboard error

if you change the FM transmitter to like 100.1 or something you're good to go

i hate technology

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Preview of the next version of Pinetime-JF : integration of the motion sensor and step counter in a nice chart !

Thanks to @atc1441 for his precious help on the implementation of the motion sensor!


A new version of Pinetime-JF is available. It improves BLE connectivity issues with Android phones and companion app!


Version 0.6.2 :

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RT from Lup Yuen Lee 李立源 (@MisterTechBlog)

Great to be writing (and sketching) out in the wild again... With #Pinebook Pro @ThePine64 and #Manjaro #Xfce

Original tweet : twitter.com/MisterTechBlog/sta

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We'd like to welcome Apple to the world of ARM-based laptops. You're a couple years late to the party, though, but better now than never? 😉

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@Mundon Join the community on the chat rooms😉. And read all articles from @lupyuen about the pinetime and rust embedded!

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So, I bought a PineTime Watch and it's going to be arriving soon (yay!). I'm thinking of teaching myself Rust to fully appreciate the Dev kit, but I have zero coding experience.

Fediverse, do you have an advice on where to start teaching myself?

Bugfix release of Pinetime-JF 0.6.1 : github.com/JF002/Pinetime/tree.

Fix build bugs and an annoying bug that prevented the display to wake up.

The system info screen has also been improved with BLE MAC address, uptime and build date and time.


Mastodon instance (finally) updated to v3.1.4!!!

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Announcement time:

We now have our own Matrix homeserver, and it is running on #RockPro64 hardware just like the rest of our online infrastructure! All our discussion/support channels have been moved to it as their main address.

Did I also mention it's open for user registration? 😊

Using my NRF52-DK board along with NRF Sniffer and to debug connectivity issues between Android and @PINE64 .

Just 1 hour ago, I totally ignored this was possible!

This is so satisfying : connecting and sending notifications from to !!!

: video looks better when the brightness is set to low on the pinetime :D

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Ooh, look what just arrived.

(It’s the PinePhone UB Ports edition.)

Looking forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts once I’ve had more of a play with it.

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