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Version 0.3.0 of my C++/#FreeRTOS/#LittleVGL firmware for @PINE64 is available!

The major change is the integration of LittleVGL as UI lib. It contains 5 demo apps showing the capabilities of the firmware and of the device!

Release Note :

Testing widgets (button matrix, gauge, meter) on my firmware !

Also notice that the refresh time has been improved thanks to many optimizations on the SPI driver and LVGL integration!

And I've found a way to disable auto-focus on my camera! Yay!


Debug and timing analysis of my firmware using my brand new Saleae Logic 8 !

This pretty little thing will be very helpful to improve battery life, timings, performances and debugging!


Infinite scrolling rainbow on using hardware vertical scrolling.

The colors are generated dynamically, instead of just looping the same buffer over and over again.
It requires only a single line buffer!


Experimentation with vertical scrolling (hardware assisted) on


Full screen scrolling:

It was nice to meet the @PINE64 team at today! I've been able to see the pinebook pro and pinephone with my own eyes!

And I met very nice people during the BoF!

I'm happy to release version 0.2.2 of my
based firmware for . It brings improvements, bugfixes and contributions from the community.


@PINE64 there's still time to update before !!!

ULTIMATE performances of the SPI display driver for : 119ms for a full screen refresh. This is not far from the maximum theoretical value of (240 lines * 240 rows * 16 bits) 115.2ms !


Using DMA to drive the SPI display of . It's much faster!

The following video contains 2 clips played in real time, I didn't increase the speed for the second part :)


Debug (and fix) sleep mode issues using a LED.

Tl;DR : do not log & clear FPU interrupt flags before going to sleep.


I wrote some code for my : add battery level, BLE status and date on screen, and use the push button to enable/disable display and sleep mode !


Til you can play Dune2 on Linux thanks to Dune Legacy project!

retrieves time from NRFConnect running on my phone!

CTS client (Current Time Service) is up and running... But the code needs a lot of improvements!


Yesterday, I received my development kit for from @PINE64 !

Let's see what I can do with it!

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