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Experiments with ESP8266, PainlessMesh, ESPAsyncWebServer and Websockets! 

Démontage partier et remontage. Je n'ai rien vu de particulier, et cela n'a rien changé au problème. Le son de cette enceinte est toujours nettement plus faible et moins bon que celui de sa soeur jumelle...
Il va falloir pousser le démontage un peu plus loin, malheureusement...

I finally did it!!! I wrote a little in that answer to all toots where it is mentionned.
This bot is special : it runs on a board (from ), based on an and running !
Toot @LopyBoard2 and wait for its answer (if it is powered on, of course) :)

I received my "DIY Wifi LED RGBW dimmable remote control blablabla light bulb". These light bulbs are based on an ESP8266 and are easily hackable, according to this blog post :

Now... I'm waiting for the USB-RS232 adapter...


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