, Up and running for more than 73 hours!

The temperature regulation is good : max 0.5°C from the set point!

Oh and I've written a script that export all data from to to monitor the process with !

My fermentation chamber for project is progressing well : "good enough" temperature regulation, data logging, real-time monitoring, bot for notification,...

Using / , , ,...

I've received my package from : M5Fire, M5Cam, LAN module, charging base & USB-TTL!

I just need to find some time to play with these new toys !!

Prototype of my temperature controller for my fermentation chamber : (), 3 DS18B20 temperature sensors, 2 relays, and a lot of fun ;)

I've been less acive on Mastodon these last few weeks, but I'm still there! And I'm still working on my project!

For now, I'm developping a GUI library for a project based on and board! mastodon.codingfield.com/media

MQTT client on my new board. It subscribes to 2 topics and displays their values (room temperature and humidity). mastodon.codingfield.com/media

Experiments with ESP8266, PainlessMesh, ESPAsyncWebServer and Websockets! Show more

Démontage partier et remontage. Je n'ai rien vu de particulier, et cela n'a rien changé au problème. Le son de cette enceinte est toujours nettement plus faible et moins bon que celui de sa soeur jumelle...
Il va falloir pousser le démontage un peu plus loin, malheureusement... mastodon.codingfield.com/media

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