A new release of for @PINE64 is available!

Version 0.8.2 brings a nice music player (by @adampigg), a paint application, manual validation of the upgraded firmware, a new application menu and many other improvements and fixes!


devkit preloaded with are finally available! And don't forget the PogoPin Jig, it makes programming easier!


This is one of the very first @PINE64 coming out of the factory programmed with an open source firmware, .

Unboxing it was one of the most satisfying moment, and this is actually the very first time I've ever wear a Pinetime on my wrist :D

Pinetime-JF is now officially an open source project released under the GPLv3 license!

It is time to give this project a better name.
Let me introduce you to InfiniTime, an open source firmware for the @PINE64 smartwatch!


While @PINE64 is working on the next batch of devkit pre-programmed with Pinetime-JF, I working on improving the documentation of the project.

I've already received a couple of PRs related to the doc, and I hope I'll receive many more!


This is @PINE64 0.7.0!

This version brings new icons on the Clock screen and on the menu, better memory management and some bugfixes.


Preview of the next version of Pinetime-JF : integration of the motion sensor and step counter in a nice chart !

Thanks to @atc1441 for his precious help on the implementation of the motion sensor!


Using my NRF52-DK board along with NRF Sniffer and to debug connectivity issues between Android and @PINE64 .

Just 1 hour ago, I totally ignored this was possible!

This is so satisfying : connecting and sending notifications from to !!!

: video looks better when the brightness is set to low on the pinetime :D

I've just released version 0.6.0 of Pinetime-JF. The big feature of this release is over , using and . Thanks to @lupyuen for its hard work on integrating MCUBoot into a firmware for @PINE64 !


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