I've just updated CLion to 2021.2 and tried FreeRTOS thread view : it works out of the box with my project!
When stopped on a breakpoint, you can easily see all tasks and their callstack!
Can't wait for queues, semaphores, mutexes, and timers to be added in next versions!

Experiments with and a e-ink display, running on , of course !
The picture is cropped because the display is 128x250, while the UI expects 240x240, but it looks good nevertheless!

I've just relesed 1.3.0 : PineTimeStyle, LittleFS integration, battery info in Gadgetbridge, and many more improvements for your @PINE64 !

Release note : github.com/JF002/InfiniTime/re

I wrote a simple Python script that automatically flashes the board when it boots in bootloader mode.
It makes updating and debugging the firmware easier! 🥳

Here's a very stripped down version of ( firmware for @PINE64 ) running on the MCU!

The touch gestures are simulated by a APDS9960 motion sensor.

This is just a PoC but hey! It works!

We've just released 1.2.0!

This new version brings a new Metronome app, many improvements and bugfixes.

This version will hopefully be flashed on the new @PINE64 that should be available !



These last few weeks, I analyzed the memory (RAM & FLASH) usage of , the firmware running on the @PINE64 .

I spent so much time doing that I want to share the result with everyone :)


Some fun with @PINE64 MCU, SPI display (ST7789) and I²C gesture sensor (APDS9960) : Gesture detection 👋

Here's 1.1.0, a new release of the firmware for @PINE64 !
New Steps and Timer apps, many improvements and bugfixes, have fun!

Release note and download : github.com/JF002/InfiniTime/re

Testing the gateway from @PINE64 (based on technology) on and using my good old Pycom board!

All of this using hardware and software!

Meet my absolutely NOT optimized (no IRQ, no DMA) SPI driver for the mcu. It already runs much faster than my optimized version for the NRF52 :-P

I couldn't find a toolchain for the @PINE64 so I built my own one!

For anyone interested, here's how I did it : github.com/JF002/bl602_cmake_b

I can now build, flash and debug my code running on the from my PBP!

We did it! We've just released 1.0!

Please read the full announcement on the blog of @PINE64 (pine64.org/2021/04/22/its-time) and have fun with your !

Release note : pine64.org/2021/04/22/its-time

What's new in this version : step counter, wake up on wrist rotation, UI redesign, more user settings, user settings stored in flash memory, and many more features and less bugs!

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