MQTT client on my new board. It subscribes to 2 topics and displays their values (room temperature and humidity).

@TheBestJohn It's a develoment kit based on the ESP32. It contains a screen, 3 buttons, SD-card, speaker, connectors,...
There are many stackable modules like the battery module I have yet to try ;)

Huh that looks pretty nifty.. I especially like the size of those headers. Nice and small.

@TheBestJohn Yeah, the box is very well built, and there is a small battery inside! At first, I didn't understand why it was still working once I unplugged the USB cable :D
It's selling on Aliexpress. The guy is very nice, sent a message once he sent the package.
There was an issue with my delivery (because of the postal service in my country, not his fault), and he seemed very concerned about it.
I totally recommand!

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