We are very happy to release 1.11 “Red Nectarine” for the @PINE64 with new external resources, 2 new watch faces and many many additions and improvements.

Release notes :

@JF Congratulations and thanks to all contributors. :flan_heart:

Looks like I have an issue after the upgrade. In the morning after the upgrade has been done (via Gadgetbridge) I've niticed the screen is stuck on the InfiniTime logo. Reboots didn't help. What should I do?
Does anyone else have the same issue?

@Azt3c @PINE64 The InfiniTime logo comes from the recovery firmware. It's loaded automatically when the bootloader cannot find any bootable firmware or manually when you keep the button pressed until the bootloader pinecone becomes red.

You can try to reboot the watch (keep the button pressed until you see the white pinecone) or re-run the DFU procedure (install the latest version of InfiniTime) from the recovery fw. @PINE64 Thanks for the update @jf! :) One thing I've wondered about the PineTime (and is hard to find info on): is the PineTime's heart rate sensor continuous? Or only with intervals (once per 30/60/120/300s)?

If it's continuous, how long does the battery last with it?

Thank you! :)

@pixeled The heart rate is acquired continuously, but only when you manually enable it (in the HR application) and when the watch is not sleeping.

I haven't had the opportunity to check battery life with the HR sensor enabled, unfortunately.

I've upgraded, some of the buttons seem much more legible, especially in the settings. Thank you!

@JF @PINE64 Awesome, great job! If I'm using #gadgetbridge , do I have to wait for them to implement the new external resources future or is there another way? My #pinetime is sealed.

@M4x @PINE64 you can use another companion app (itd >= 0.0.8 or Amazfish (build from source or wait the upcoming release)) to install the resource pack. Gadgetbridge will hopefully add support for the resource files soon 🤞

@M4x @JF @PINE64

The funny thing is that it looks like #Gadgetbridge *almost* has the integration but not quite. What was their firmware updater is now called "Resource installer" and if you download the resource pack, it automatically opens with Gadgetbridge... it's just it then fails to install.

So in summary, while I don't know if it's coming, it sure looks like it.

@Blort @M4x @PINE64 The "resource installer" is probably a generic functionality that must be customized for every device and type of resources. It already supports the firmware update, but they need to add support for the new InfiniTime resource package.

And yes, it's coming : :)

@JF @PINE64 the new watch face looks awesome! I've just upgraded with itd, it works great! Thanks a lot!

@kmorin @PINE64 Awesome!
Thanks, and have fun with your PineTime !

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