Just curious, what format is the font in on the PineTime itself? TTF? Some kind of bitmap?

@JF fascinating, thanks for sharing, but is there no way to add new watchfaces other than reflashing full firmware? that could become inflexible quick

@arsen That's not possible for now, everything must be built into the firmware.

However, I'm working on a new feature that will allow more customization : the fonts and the images will be stored in the external memory of the PineTime. You'll them be able to replace them with yours if you want to.

I really wish to add support for external apps too, but that'll require a bit of work...

@JF ah, is that what the filesystem service is for?

> I really wish to add support for external apps too, but that'll require a bit of work...

that'd be a massive step towards general usability! any notes on execution? especially integration with companion apps

@arsen Yes, the filesystem is one step towards this goal. The external resource feature is built on top of this filesystem.

For external apps, we'll also need to define a stable API between the core and the apps, build them, send them to the watch, implement a loader and run them. And I honestly have no idea on how we'll do all of this... but I'll learn :p

@JF a good way to get a sense of that API might be to try to rework much of the internals in such a "separate from core" manner.

the loader and runner shouldn't be too difficult, IIRC the PTs CPU doesn't have an MMU, so it might just end up being implementing a small RTDL that supports PIC, which isn't *too* hard in my experience, then simply calling the loaded up functions

mlibc might be of some assistance in figuring out that part, our linker is relatively simple, but it does target a more complex system than this needs to be

thank you for working on IT btw

@JF oh actually, PIE might not be needed at all, just relocation support

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