0.0.7, the daemon for the @PINE64 is now available. It brings a few bugfixes and provides packages for many many distributions (Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora (or any other RPM-based distro), Alpine, and Arch).

@JF @PINE64 weather? Is that even a thing in the os yet? I thought that there are code for it but nothing in the ui yet but I could be wrong

@jason123santa @PINE64 Yes, the weather service is implemented in Infinitime, but there's no weather app yet.

The early support of the weather api in ITD is really helpful for us infinitime contributors to implement and test the service and the app in the watch!

@jawsh @PINE64 @JF It might support weather but InfiniTime might not have a way to display the weather from the api yet.
@jason123santa @PINE64 @JF it doesn't yet. I've been waiting for weather on the Pinetime since I got it. Gadgetbridge is the only app that is ready for the feature tho, assuming it's compatible.

@JF @PINE64 yes! been using the itd-git package on arch for a few weeks, glad to see my favorite companion improving

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