I've finally receive my NRF PPK2! I'll be able to monitor and improve power consumption of running on the @PINE64 !

Thank you for your donations that allowed me to make this purchase!

@JF @PINE64 Congratulations on a presumably nice bit of kit.

At work we "only" have the PPK 1 and it is quite nice and the specs for the PPK 2 are way better.

And the PPK2 also has some simple open source tools for acquiring data if I recall correctly

@talpa @PINE64 Thanks :)

NRF provide an app which seems to be open source (, but I would be very interested by other open source tools that run on ARM64!


The external "library" is great in that it seem to enable easy scripting of the measurements.

I would assume that
would also run on any platform, as long as python can access a serial port on it.

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