I'm currently working on using the @PINE64 's 4MB external flash memory to free up space in the internal memory (512KB).

I've made a lot of progress recently and am now able to test new watchfaces that load their images and fonts from the SPI flash!

@JF Yes! I was using the Infineat build just for that watchface and loved it! Can't wait to see it in the official build!

@fishfulpenguin Yes, Infineat is very... neat! :D

The only thing that prevents it from being merged is memory usage. And this new feature could remove that obstacle!

Now, there is still work to do like... finding an easy way to send those fonts and images to the watch!

@JF I love what folks are doing with this project and I wish I could throw more money your way!

@fishfulpenguin Don't worry, your feedback and appreciation is all I need ;-)

@JF @PINE64 ooooh cool. Hope we can get different languages someday. Jia you!

@JF @PINE64 yay! Now time to add some more watch gaces and oh no! you only have 5kb left! (just kidding ;) I just hope infinitime won't become too bloated)

@vitali64sur @PINE64 This is why I pay a lot of attention to memory usage of new features and watchfaces, and I hope we'll be able to free some space in flash soon! 😄

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