Can‘t wait to download and install it :-)

@JF @PINE64 Thanks, but to dismiss notifications would require them to be working in the first place 😜

Has anyone ever had notifications working with their #Pinephone, or does it only work with Android?

@normandc @JF @PINE64

As far as I know it’s Android only. But maybe I am using the wrong connection app….

@normandc @PINE64 Last time I tried, notifications worked fine with Amazfish. Siglo and ITD also support notifications. I even used ITD to send notifications to my watch to test the dimiss feature.

@JF @PINE64 It never worked for me with Siglo and Phosh. Amazfish was a bust IIRC, it's been a long time. Never heard of ITD, I need to check it out, thanks.

I still have huge issues with connecting the Pinephone and PineTime with Bluetooth. I've run out of battery on my PineTime (my fault) twice in a couple months. The first of these times, I had to set the time on the watch manually (nice feature BTW 👍) because after 15-20 minutes of trying, I couldn't make Siglo detect the watch. :-/

@JF @PINE64 That's awesome! Especially the new timer looks great! (Though, I insist it should vibrate more than once. 😅)

@JF @PINE64 I would love a locking system to avoid clicking everywhere as soon as I move

@JF @PINE64 mine's screen doesn't work properly anymore :^( I'll try fixing it today. Wish me good luck.

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