This is my now ! @PINE64 @Rockchip

The board and SSD are powered by a . There are only 2*1TB SSDs installed, but I would like to install 6 of them in the future!

It's comfortably running my @matrix right now!

@JF @PINE64 @matrix I've got one of those ATX breakout boards too, I even made a little 3d printable case for it to protect myself from any fuse shards.

Here's the STL, STEP and FreeCAD file for it, you'll also need some brass inserts (I forgot what size) and soldering iron to melt them in, as well as screws, and a toggleswitch to mount through that round hole.

@CounterPillow @PINE64 @matrix That's a great idea! Would you like to share to printable model so I can print one too?

@JF @PINE64 @matrix Looks like we just crossed each other in our messages :) Also, just checked: the hole diameter for the inserts is 4mm, so something a little larger than 4mm measured on the ribs to melt into it.

@CounterPillow @PINE64 @matrix Thanks! I don't have a 3D printer, but I'll ask a friend if he can have a look at those files and print them :)

@JF @PINE64 @matrix Nice setup, although the case seems a bit oversized. :) Is quartz64 support already stable for everyday use?

@kuleszdl @JF All the pieces are falling into place now, hopefully with Linux 5.19 most stuff will Just Work™. We're still waiting for TF-A sources though. I recommend keeping an eye on

If you're comfortable with patching your own kernel you are of course not bound by release schedules and can enjoy video output and PCIe right now without issues.

Big pieces still missing: CSI, DSI, eDP, NPU, rkvdec2, rkvenc.

@CounterPillow @kuleszdl Yeah, it's stable and support everything I need (PCIe + Ethernet, basically). I'm on Linux 5.17 (Manjaro kernel) right now.

@kuleszdl @PINE64 @matrix Oh yeah, the case is way too big for the setup! But I had it on hands for free so I figured I should try to build my own NAS case with it :)

@JF I just love how much computer you are getting out of that little amount of equipment inside of that now-cavernous old case.

@JF @PINE64 @matrix How are you connecting SATA to that Pine64? I have a Pine64 but although I love it I wound up tossing it a box because USB was unreliable as a server and I never found a way to attach SATA drives.

@bgardner @PINE64 @matrix I plugged a SATA controller board on the PCIe port of the Quartz64. It has 6 SATA ports, which is plenty for my use-case :)

@JF @PINE64 @matrix Okay, mine must just be too old, no PCIe on it. Thanks!

@JF Isn't this the build that was featured on the pine64 blog recently? How is the server doing now, can I ask what distro you are using and if it's on a mainline kernel?

@frox Yep, I wrote the blog post on Pine64 blog ( 🙂

The server is running fine right now. It runs my Matrix home server and a TOR snowflake proxy for now. I still consider it as experimental so I haven't moved all my services and data on it yet.

It's running on Manjaro with kernel "Linux quartz64 5.19.0-rc1-0.4-MANJARO-ARM-Q64". I don't think this is mainline kernel, but the community is working hard to mainline as much as possible!

@JF very cool. I didn't realise it was you who wrote it 😄
I have a rockpro64 which I recently got second hand. But the SOC in the quartz64 doesn't do any speculative execution interestingly, contrary to the rk3399 in the rockpro64.
Out of curiosity, how much system resources is your matrix homeserver using?
And kudos for running a Tor Snowflake!

@frox I'm the only user on my server so the load is quite low : load avg is between 0.1 and 0.5 most of the time. It uses 300MB of Ram but usage seems to increase with time (I've seen up to 1GB)

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