1.9.0 "Limeberry" is out!

New Terminal watchface, enable/disable bluetooth, (the simulator), many improvements and bugfixes!

Enjoy it on your @PINE64 !

@PINE64 Thanks for releasing this, @JF I'll update my PineTime soon. I hope to put in some watchfaces in the next release.

@fosskers @PINE64

Yeah, kind of :) It's not an actual terminal that takes user inputs, it just shows the time and other data.

@JF @PINE64 I think it would have been better to still have an indication of when the Bluetooth is off.

@jason123santa @PINE64

Well, we talked about that when renaming "airplane mod" to "bluetooth enable/disable". Do we actually need to remind the user they disabled BLE? Wouldn't that add clutter to some watchfaces?

And also... we couldn't find suitable (not confusing) icons for those 3 states (disabled, enable but not connected and enabled and connected).

@JF @PINE64 Makes sense if you can't find the correct icons. I just thought it would be a good idea but really it not really needed. Though the watch faces all ready have an icon for Bluetooth connected

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