Is this a NAS?

@PINE64 8G running @ManjaroLinuxARM with HDMI output, gigabit ethernet, PCIe SATA controller, 2 SSDs and .

Now, I need a case and more disks!

@JF @PINE64 this would be great for a nas, no doubt ! Are there psus available optimized for sbc (usb 5v, 2A) AND multiple SATA disks powering ?

@coin @PINE64 The Quartz is powered with a 12V PSU. I have the 12V/5A model.
But yeah, it only has the barrell connector, and the board provides only 2 power connectors for HDD/SSD. I have yet to find a solution to add power connectors for more SSD!

@JF @PINE64 if you find a working solution please keep us updated 🙂


@coin @PINE64 Just found this :

That looks to be perfect : 2*power + *SATA for 6 drives!

What do you think?

@JF @PINE64 not bad for SSDs or small HHDs but : "Hauteur maxium du disque: 9.5mm" so no possibility to store hard drives with storage above 2TB.

Maybe it would be better to find a modular small factor PSU with 12V and 5V for 3.5 and 2.5 SATA hard drives that could also power a SBC.
The casing itself would be another problem then.

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