1.8.0 is available for your @PINE64 : BLE secure pairing, shake to wake, trip meter in step app, chimes, and many improvements and fixes!

Thanks everyone for your work and contributions!


@JF @PINE64 Hm... Something has changed. Never had any problems uploading firmware before. Tried downloading the file twice, rebooted the unit several times and also rebooted the phone several times. I will try with another android device later tonight. (I am running 1.7.0 and using nRF Connect.)

@bjoessi @PINE64 Strange! I did notice an issue with Gadgetbridge (0.63.1, I think) which is already fixed in 0.64.0.

I hope you'll be successful when you try again ;)

@JF @PINE64 it just keeps getting better and better!

The little haptic feedback in the paint app is going to make life for my toddlers better too, whenever they want to paint on daddy's watch. 😆

@JF @PINE64 Another awesome release! I've just set up smart lock with my Android phone, and it's working great! Thanks to the InfiniTime team.

@JF It took me about an hour to get the firmware uploaded. On android via gadgetbridge I kept getting errors early on when transferring and on linux via siglo it was very slow to transfer and failed on the last 100 bits twice before succeeding. Other than that the list of new features is great! Been waiting for shake to wake for ages!

@joshfowler You're probably running Gadgetbridge 0.63.1. Please update to 0.64.0 and OTA should work again as expected 🙂

We recently found an issue in Gadgetbridge that triggered another issue in InfiniTime which prevented OTA from working correctly. The patch was released in Gadgetbridge 0.64.0.

I added a note about this in the release note.

@JF Aha, there is indeed an update for it on F-Droid. I've noticed considerably less connection issues so far with 1.8.0 btw, really happy with the update. Thank you so much for your work!

@joshfowler Yep, secure pairing/bonding works wonders with InfiniTime!
Thanks and enjoy your PineTime!

@JF @PINE64 I eventually got it in there, but it it didnt work at all with Gadgetbridge. I suspect that this is a problem with my phone and not your software though... Thanks for a nice update 😀
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