@JF did you document it? Or it's nicely documented on the wiki? I think I fried my trackpad doing the firmware update and have been thinking of getting a replacement (I think o need to replace the keyboard)

@minkiu I followed the guide on the wiki (wiki.pine64.org/wiki/Pinebook_). It's very detailed and accurate. I took many pictures and I plan on adding them to the wiki!

@JF Why did you need to replace it? Did you replace it with an identical keyboard? Sounds like you triumphed! Well done.

@bhibb The old keyboard was typing ghost keys for some reasons. So I replaced it with an identical keyboard, yes.

Did you change ISO to ANSI? Or just ANSI to ANSI?🤔

@Azt3c @PINE64 I kept the same ANSI keymap. I replaced it because the old one was typing ghost keys by itself...

I have 2 PBPs with ISO and ANSI. First I thought to replace ISO keyboard with ANSI. But then I've decided just to donate the ISO PBP to somebody who contributes to some open-source community a lot🙂

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