You all love the @PINE64 , right?

You also like , right?

If so, you'll love this : LoRa on the Pinephone!

YES, thanks to the LoRa backplate, you can send and receive LoRa messages on the Pinephone!

CC: @lupyuen


@JF That makes me curious, could you have a backplate with LoRa, ZigBe, QI charging and/or a fingerprint reader? If you just have access to a full I2C namespace and with how small those chips are...


@gudenau This is exactly the purpose of the pogo connector on the back of the Pinephone ;-).
I think backplates with wireless charging and finger print reader are already in the works (in addition to the keyboard).
And of course, you could DIY any other device that talks I²C (or SPI if you use an MCU that bridges SPI and I²C like this one).

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