1.7.0 "Jackfruit" is out : manual date and time setting, new motion and step service, faster wake up and many more new features and improvements!

Enjoy this new version on your @PINE64 !

Release note : github.com/InfiniTimeOrg/Infin

@JF @PINE64 There is no complete companion app on Android for the Pinetime, where we could see daily stats for heart rate, step counter, sleep cycle etc... right ?

@Seferi @PINE64 I don't think any companion app provide daily stats from the PineTime. We need to add a few feature (data logging, BLE service and protocol,...) before they are able to do so.

@JF @PINE64 Thanks for the info. I thought the data logging etc is already implemented. When it is, I'd love to start developing a companion app in flutter if there is demand for it...


@Seferi @PINE64 Yes, of course, the companion app can read data (HR and steps, mostly) and log them. But they won't be able to fetch data that was acquired while it was disconnected from the watch.
The idea is to store the history on the watch and provide higher level data (average HR for x minutes, number of steps per minute,...) to the companion app.

@JF @PINE64 Alright, thanks for the info mate. I'll start working on it then..

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