Did you know that @PINE64 works out of the box with FitoTrack, a privacy oriented fitness tracker for Android ?

I've been looking for a #privacy friendly workout tracking app to record work out times, number of steps, heart rate etc from my #Pinetime. #Fitotrack sounded perfect so I installed it.

It claims though that it can't record any workouts without turning the GPS on. This would automatically report all GPS, wifi, cellular and Bluetooth location data to #Google.

This doesn't seem very privacy friendly!

Is there something I'm missing here?

@Blort @JF I mean yeah, using an android device period is not privacy friendly. Unless your using lineage or something, but then you wont have all the google play apps that you might need. Really looking forward to the future of the #pinephone for that reason.

Android doesn't claim to be privacy friendly and gives the option to turn location services off. Fitotrack claims to be privacy friendly but requires location services any time you use it to record a workout.

The ability to record a workout without full access to location data doesn't seem like a huge ask in a fitness app that claims to be privacy friendly, imo.

@Blort @BrianA @JF looks like a nice issue to open on their repo 😉

@Blort @BrianA

Well, from my point of view, the app is privacy friendly : it doesn't send any data to the cloud. It's also available on F-Droid, which is also good for your privacy.
So yeah, it runs on Android and Android does not respect your privacy, but can you really blame FitoTrack for the flaws of the OS it's running on?
Also, I think the GPS is needed to start a workout because most, if not all the info displayed by the app come from the GPS data.

@JF @BrianA

The point isn't that it runs on Android. I have plenty of apps that run on android and don't require settings that send wifi, gps, cell tower, IP address *and* bluetooth data to Google. The problem is that FitToTrack makes it mandatory, without any option to turn it off for people recording non location specific workout data.

In a privacy focused app this is very incongruous. How about asking for the location permission only when it's actually needed?

#privacy #FitToTrack

@BrianA @JF

"The documents also allege that Google collected location data even when users turned off these settings " I think, as long you're on "normal" android and not on grapheme, calyx oder Lineage there is not much privacy: however, that does not lower your claim towards FitoTrack!

@MissBehave @Blort @BrianA @JF Kick google from your phone, use something like #lineageos as your OS, #nextcloud , #fdroid and (if you've to) #aurora This is in German but a good place to start at:
@digitalcourage is there an English version or do you've an alternative you'd recommend?

@JF @PINE64 I did not, but since there is a PineTime on the way, this is good to know. I knew about Gadgetbridge already, but more choices is more better, of course.

Cc @Jelv @hans

Thanks for the heads-up, @DoeNietZoMoeilijk 🥔

Good to see that more and more projects have #Matrix rooms for questions and reports.

@JF @PINE64 no but I can't wait to get my pinetime and check it out!

@JF @PINE64 this is cool. Do other apps work too? I can't seem to find a lot of info on #pinetime software.

@JF @PINE64 Thanks, I didn't know that one and installing it right now. #fdroid

@JF @PINE64 the main use of linking the PineTime with FitoTrack is the heartrate sensor, right? Is this usable yet? Last I checked the heart rate sensor only kind of works when the user is at rest. :blobthinking:

@polychrome @PINE64 Yes, FitoTrack only tracks the heart rate from the PineTime.
Well, the heart rate sensor is not that accurate right now, but it should be possible to improve it by improving the signal processing on the raw signal, though!

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