We've just released 1.2.0!

This new version brings a new Metronome app, many improvements and bugfixes.

This version will hopefully be flashed on the new @PINE64 that should be available !



@JF  need to update. I am too scared to do it with pinephone so use my android secondary device (need to charge it first) I hope the bluetooth connectivity improved as its the main issue I have currently (I intend to use the watch for notifications mainly which means connectivity to the phone is crutial).

@muppeth We haven't made significant changes on BLE since 0.13, iirc.
On my setup, BLE works fine for ~24h. Then, I have to reset the watch for my phone to find it again.
That's definitely something I would like to fix one day or another :)

@JF Currently my experience with bluetooth are rather bad. Both on android and on pinephone I need to constantly check if the watch is connected and when it disconnects it's usually pain to connect back (restarting watch, re-pairing on the phone). And this is just random. At first I thought it's because I would walk out the room leaving the phone behind and then it would have issues pairing back. But then I noticed I would loose connection even with my phone in the pocket.

Is there any way I would help with debuging what's going on and provide some logs? If so, please let me know how.

@muppeth there is no easy way to get debug info from a sealed unit, unfortunately. To debug ble, I use 1 BLE sniffer, and the logging functionality of nimble (the ble stack). It allows to dump all the hci messages to a pc using Jlink RTT (you need a Jlink debugger, obviously).

@JF @Ropfel Depends what you're looking for as a daily driver. I do have some connectivity issues so if you require notifications, there might be some work to be done (maybe it's my watch only). But stuff is progressing so much it's definitely good material for daily driver. JF and a crew did already amazing job, and things just keep coming. I tested metronome and its brilliant. Specially when you play on drums as you basically feel the beat n your wrist.

Also 2048 is something i use a lot when in public transport.
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