We did it! We've just released 1.0!

Please read the full announcement on the blog of @PINE64 ( and have fun with your !

Release note :

What's new in this version : step counter, wake up on wrist rotation, UI redesign, more user settings, user settings stored in flash memory, and many more features and less bugs!

@JF @PINE64 I absolutely love this project. Please keep on going. In the future I will also join in developing some features. But currently I haven't got enough time.

Thank you for your amazing work @JF :underheart: :underheart:!!!


Awesome! I just ordered my sealed #pinetime in the @PINE64 store, cannot wait to try it out!

@JF @PINE64 Congratulations! I bought one as soon as saw the announcement. Thanks for all your work!

@JF @PINE64 Congratulations! Time (no pun intended) to put my PineTime kit together and take it for a spin, me thinks :)

@aral @PINE64 a few newer versions were released since then, make sure you install the most recent one (1.7.1), and have fun 😎


Yo tengo el mio en aduanas 1 mes porque no facilitan una maldita factura.

Si lo se me compro un reloj normal, ya veremos cuanto me cobran por gestionar correos el.despachobde aduanas y si me.llega, que ya lo dudo mucho.

La primera compra online que no se ya si cuando me llegue me hará gracia.

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