@JF This is my dream setup. How does it work for you?


@0x1C3B00DA I browsed the web, even youtube, downloaded a repo from Git, built and debug it locally.

Of course, it's slower than my dev computer, but I think it's awesome to be able to plug your phone on any hdmi display and just use it as a computer!

@JF It’s definitely awesome. I hope that’s the future of computing.

@JF @PINE64 is it running on the phone? If so how is the performance?

@kai Yes, the display is connected to the phone via a USB-C hub. It's way slower than my dev computer, but still usable. I browsed the web, youtube, cloned a git repo, and built and debug it locally !

@JF @PINE64 Is the display attached to the phone or is there another arm workstation in addition to the phone?

@fnetX Yes, the display is connected to the phone via a USB-C HUB, nothing else ;)

@JF So what's your experience? Is it the arm workstation of the future? 🙂

@fnetX In the present, it's a bit limited in cpu power, but I guess that in the future, we'll have more cpu cores and more ram :)

@JF @PINE64 how do you got a dark theme with phosh ? I also have a PinePhone with postmarlketOS.

(At a friends house)

"Hey, is it alright if i dock into your computer real quick? I need to check something. "

"Sure, its over there, I'll be getting a board game. "

Its almost similar in concept to chromebooks, except far more private and powerful.

@robots Yes, I can't wait to show that off to friends and family!

@JF @PINE64 This looks much better than Samsung Dex. If only the Pinephone wasn't shit.

Yes! Arm CPUs and location/context-dependent modular computational capacity (helped by plan9-like paradigms)

@JF @PINE64 I think so! Dreaming for years to carry the computer forward on my pocket, not a phone!

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