using the @PINE64 and : USB, Ethernet, HDMI and VGA work out of the box!

Ok, it looks like my outdated alpha version of @ManjaroARM does not support dual screen correctly, but still, it works !

And it (USB, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA) also works with my random and cheap USB-C hub !

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@JF @PINE64 @ManjaroARM Hate to say it, but once Apple makes a product that can do this kinda stuff with iPhones, it'll become cool and everyone will want to switch to using their phone as primary computer. Doesn't matter that Samsung demo'd it a few years ago. I think if Apple does it, there will be a movement and it'll become the next smartphone phase.

Imagine a slot in the back of your iMac screen where you click in your phone, the actual computing power.

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