0.48.0 now supports (firmware upgrade using Bluetooth LE) and the new music application for running on @PINE64 !

@thibaultamartin @JF Oh neat, I should look into how Gadgetbrigde does synching sometime soon

@JF @PINE64 Nice! Do you know when the end-user version of the PineTime will be available in the store? Last time I checked it was just for developers

@jgarciao @PINE64 It is still a devkit for now, yes. I don't know when it'll be ready for the end-users. It'll depend on how fast we'll be able to add functionalities and stabilize a few things :)

@JF @PINE64 With the current capabilities and OTA updates it looks quite ready for a first enthusiast edition. You all made an excellent job!

Please, think about offering watch straps with other colors than black. Sometimes this can be more important than having or not certain functionalities

Xmas is coming!

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