@JF @lupyuen @PINE64 how do you set the time? Haven't found any options on the device or in the nRF Connect app (Android), except manually writing something to the "Current Time Service".


@dwagenk @lupyuen @PINE64

You can use NRFConnect. You just need to add the "Current Time Service" in the menu "Configure GATT Server" from NRFConnect.

Then, connect NRFConnect to the Pinetime, wait for a few second, and the time should sync automatically!

@JF @dwagenk @PINE64

It is also possible to set the time via Gadgetbridge 0.47.0 which will appear in F-Droid soon (after we got built, it is tagged already)

Biggest problem is right now that reconnection only works after scanning Bluetooth, probably because the JF firmware does not support Bluetooth bonding.

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