@PINE64 now supports BLE notifications!

Release 0.4.0 brings BLE notifications, nice icons, brightness and sysinfo apps and bugfixes!

Here is the changelog : github.com/JF002/Pinetime/rele

Any contribution to improve the UI is more than welcome. Next step : OTA!

@JF @PINE64 Keep up the amazing work. Crazy to think we can have a full functioning Linux watch in the future.

@braillynn @PINE64 Thank you! But note that this is not Linux, this is a custom firmware based on FreeRTOS. There is not enough CPU power and memory to run a full blown Linux on the Pinetime (and this is why this project is so interesting!)

@JF @PINE64 Thank for clearing that up for me! I'm not familiar with FreeRTOS, would it be something someone who is into privacy, security and FOSS would be into?


@braillynn @PINE64 Yes, of course! My project and many others are open-source, you can read the code if you want, build any project from source or even create your own. For now, it's targeting developpers, but I hope that one day, anyone will be able to flash the OS of his choice and use the watch on a daily basis!

Here is the list of projects in development : wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pine

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