Yesterday, I received my development kit for from @PINE64 !

Let's see what I can do with it!

@JF @PINE64 Does it have nRF52832 or nRF52840? I really hope the final version will have the latter, as it can run CircuitPython!

@deshipu @JF All the current devkits have the 52832. The plan is to use the '32 now and for the final units unless it is determined that satisfactory firmware can't be fit in its flash memory. If it can't, the PineTime will be redesigned with the 52840. (They have different pinouts, so the board has to be completely redesigned)

@PINE64 @JF I see. That makes sense from the point of view of pricing, but I can't help quietly wishing that it won't fit, simply because I'd love to have a CircuitPython watch. Oh well, we will see, in the worst case there is still MicroPython port for the nRF52832.

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